Well Known Internet Marketing Guru Screws Up

March 21, 2007

If you haven’t read my lead generation reports at MyMarketingClub.com you just may want to make this happen now. You see in the report I have clearly written about my position with regards to how Internet Marketing Guru’s continue to BS the average online business person.

 Let me explain…

 You will rarely, if ever find a self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Guru give you an actual step-by-step plan to get immediate results – you will have to buy everything from their cheap e-book all the way to their over priced coaching program or seminar.

And the irony of all this – you will go through all their information and still have NOTHING IMPLEMENTED.

I go on to explain that they never really provide REALLY what they’re doing – they just continue to sell their info products for rediculous amounts of money providing no real service or support.

 With all that said, I received an email yesterday from one of these self-proclaimed guru’s and the funny thing is, he came right out and said what I’ve been saying for a year.

But understand, he was saying it to manipulate those who received the email to buy the next best program. I’m going to post the meat of the email below – I will leave out his last name, because my intentions are not to start a big hoopla about the whole thing – but to simply show you that what my free reports say is FACT.


RE: Urgent! This will only be available Today (Tuesday, March 20th, EST)…Hi Alan,There’s a saying in NASCAR that says the winners work from different tool boxes. What that means is that if the teams that are in the rear of the race had the tools and resources that the winners had, they would go from last to first.

Have you every felt that some of the experts earning large amounts online must have access to secret weapons and tools that you don’t?

Here’s the blunt truth…

Many of us do work from different tool boxes than you and in turn gain advantages which equal larger results.

That tool box consists of software, home study courses, hidden resources, masterminds & more.

AND every once in a while, one of those tools becomes available to you.


Now the email goes onto pitch us on the next latest and greatest info product that we only have one day to get “must have” bonuses – the product is touted as being a “secret weapon” and if we don’t get it we will miss out – all of the marketing strategies that are effective – but as I write in the free lead generation reports – these strategies work great for the internet marketing guru but not for the purchaser.

My suggestion to anyone who is receiving these high pressure solicitations to read them – learn from the marketing end of it… then… walk away from it, and read it again later – in other words keep your emotions out of your decision making with these “guru’s” – they are really great at creating urgency, emotions and the need to buy – your defense is to don’t act on your emotions and don’t fall for the urgency.


Lead Generation and Network Marketing – Far from two peas in a pod

March 20, 2007

The Network Marketing Industry is a great way for entrepreneurs starting out to gain long-term skills like sales, promoting and networking. In addition, network marketers have the advantage of a small monetary investment versus the potential earnings available. The up-front benefits are why the industry is always moving and growing. This is also why the network marketing industry has a tremendous attrition rate. The actual skills required to be successful in the industry is rarely ever spoken about, because the formula for the actual company doesn’t require it to be successful.

If you truly desire long-term lucrative success in the network marketing industry, be sure you read every word of this article.

Open Your Eyes to the Truth About Network Marketing

One very important fact you must understand is the “Marketing Plan” of a Network Marketing company. And before I get started please understand that I don’t hold any ill feelings to the Network Marketing Industry. The plan they use is actually very smart and works very well… but you must understand your part in THEIR plan. Here we go!

The marketing plan for a network marketing company is to have the associates or Reps market the business for them. What most companies will tell you to do is get 5 or 10 people a day or per week in front of the information, the opportunity.

Here comes the down and dirty truth.

Let’s say that the company has 1000 people actively promoting the business opportunity. Now, 1000 people are showing the business to 10 people. This means that the company has exposed the business to 10,000 people in a day or perhaps one week.

Now let’s say that ONLY 1% of the 10,000 joined the business and became an associate. The company just recruited 100 NEW associates and has been paid the start-up costs plus whatever products the new person bought.

Here’s What this All Means to You

Based on the numbers above you had a .01 percent chance of making ONE sale. Let’s look at that one more time.

  • 1000 Associates introduced the business to 10 People.
  • 1% of the 10,000 Prospects Joined the Business.
  • The Company made 100 new sales and increased the associate base by 100.
  • You had .01 Percent chance of making one sale and/or recruit.

Again, before I continue I want you to understand that this is actually a good thing… that’s right… it may not seem that way right now so keep reading. Also, this doesn’t make the company your with dishonest, it simply means that their Marketing Plan works.

To go one step further, your company doesn’t really need to train you on real world marketing strategies so you can be a powerhouse lead generator… they’re simply banking on you touching a few people, and then hundreds or thousands of others are doing the same… they are playing the numbers.

They give you a DVD to pass out or a website with a flash video or some sort of presentation material and have you get people in front of it. Then they tell you to put people on a conference call and have the “leaders” close them for you.

The secret to Network Marketing is to be perceived as an expert or leader, you can accomplish this through your marketing, and MyMarketingClub.com shows you EXACTLY how.

How You Can Use This to Your Advantage

The most effective way for you to take this reality and make it your competitive advantage is to start running your business as a marketer and not a soldier for you company. In other words, GET OUT OF THE HERD.

Here’s how you do it.

First: You must get really good at generating your own leads. Become very good at direct response online marketing that generates highly targeted, pre-qualified exclusive leads whenever you want them… this is simple to do when you have the right tools and resources; scaling the wall is a ‘piece of cake!’

The best part about this; you don’t have to be some whiz at building websites or running software, MyMarketingClub.com shows you step-by-step what to do and then how to get others to do it for you. The point is you must have a working knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work and how to execute it.

You see once you have your MARKETING system in place; it runs virtually on auto-pilot. You simply gather these highly targeted, pre-qualified exclusive leads and recruit people into your business. In fact, MyMarketingClub.com shows you how to speak to 10 or 15 people at one time. This saves you a ton of time and postures you as the leader and expert.

Are you starting to get the real deal picture? Get the entire down and dirty truth about Lead Generation and Network Marketing by downloading an 18 page Free report at MyMarketingClub.com

Lead Generation Resource Launching this Week

February 27, 2007

MyMarketingClub.com is launching a powerhouse members only resource center that will show Network Marketers and Small Home Business people a step-by-step process of results driven lead generation.

 The ‘Club’ is unlike anything available today in the marketplace. Up until now, information products on Internet marketing come in all shapes and sizes, and is created and distributed by Niche. Meaning, a formula or blueprint has not been created all in one place… if information was provided under the umbrella of Internet Marketing it’s typically ground floor preliminary info.

 MyMarketingClub.com is launching it’s membership site that gives you the holistic how-to. You will be implementing immediately, rather than getting bits and pieces over the course of months… you get the exact plan used by an 11 year online veteran.

Click over to the site for FREE 15 page reports that will enlighten and motivate you to grow your business Lead Generation

Hook’n up with Technorati

January 9, 2007

Technorati Profile

Your Business is Marketing

January 9, 2007

In working with hundreds of small home business people I have clearly found one HUGE challenge amongst a very high percentage… they don’t think their business is about marketing… they think it’s about how great their product or service is.

Here’s what I mean… of course having a product or service that provides value, and fills a need is important. But, it means absolutely nothing if you can’t get it in front of the target, QUALIFIED market that will actually get their checkbook out and pay for it. I know this seems so unbelieveably obvious, but most small home business people, especially Network Marketers think it’s all about the product or service.

Lead generation is by far the most important aspect of any business, without it you don’t have prospects and without prospects you don’t have the potential to make sales. Most small home based people spend their time on the products – like 80% of their time – and spend maybe 5% of their time on learning and implementing effective marketing strategies that will help fill the pipeline.

I’m here to give it to you straight – if you don’t wake up to this fact that your business IS marketing – then you will never attain the income you know you deserve.

 Stay connnected to MyMarketingClub.com’s blog – and also become a member of MyMarketingClub.com – your business will thank you for it. Fast-track your online lead generation by discovering step-by-step videos that show you HOW to do it – not just what to do.