Lead Generation and Network Marketing – Far from two peas in a pod

The Network Marketing Industry is a great way for entrepreneurs starting out to gain long-term skills like sales, promoting and networking. In addition, network marketers have the advantage of a small monetary investment versus the potential earnings available. The up-front benefits are why the industry is always moving and growing. This is also why the network marketing industry has a tremendous attrition rate. The actual skills required to be successful in the industry is rarely ever spoken about, because the formula for the actual company doesn’t require it to be successful.

If you truly desire long-term lucrative success in the network marketing industry, be sure you read every word of this article.

Open Your Eyes to the Truth About Network Marketing

One very important fact you must understand is the “Marketing Plan” of a Network Marketing company. And before I get started please understand that I don’t hold any ill feelings to the Network Marketing Industry. The plan they use is actually very smart and works very well… but you must understand your part in THEIR plan. Here we go!

The marketing plan for a network marketing company is to have the associates or Reps market the business for them. What most companies will tell you to do is get 5 or 10 people a day or per week in front of the information, the opportunity.

Here comes the down and dirty truth.

Let’s say that the company has 1000 people actively promoting the business opportunity. Now, 1000 people are showing the business to 10 people. This means that the company has exposed the business to 10,000 people in a day or perhaps one week.

Now let’s say that ONLY 1% of the 10,000 joined the business and became an associate. The company just recruited 100 NEW associates and has been paid the start-up costs plus whatever products the new person bought.

Here’s What this All Means to You

Based on the numbers above you had a .01 percent chance of making ONE sale. Let’s look at that one more time.

  • 1000 Associates introduced the business to 10 People.
  • 1% of the 10,000 Prospects Joined the Business.
  • The Company made 100 new sales and increased the associate base by 100.
  • You had .01 Percent chance of making one sale and/or recruit.

Again, before I continue I want you to understand that this is actually a good thing… that’s right… it may not seem that way right now so keep reading. Also, this doesn’t make the company your with dishonest, it simply means that their Marketing Plan works.

To go one step further, your company doesn’t really need to train you on real world marketing strategies so you can be a powerhouse lead generator… they’re simply banking on you touching a few people, and then hundreds or thousands of others are doing the same… they are playing the numbers.

They give you a DVD to pass out or a website with a flash video or some sort of presentation material and have you get people in front of it. Then they tell you to put people on a conference call and have the “leaders” close them for you.

The secret to Network Marketing is to be perceived as an expert or leader, you can accomplish this through your marketing, and MyMarketingClub.com shows you EXACTLY how.

How You Can Use This to Your Advantage

The most effective way for you to take this reality and make it your competitive advantage is to start running your business as a marketer and not a soldier for you company. In other words, GET OUT OF THE HERD.

Here’s how you do it.

First: You must get really good at generating your own leads. Become very good at direct response online marketing that generates highly targeted, pre-qualified exclusive leads whenever you want them… this is simple to do when you have the right tools and resources; scaling the wall is a ‘piece of cake!’

The best part about this; you don’t have to be some whiz at building websites or running software, MyMarketingClub.com shows you step-by-step what to do and then how to get others to do it for you. The point is you must have a working knowledge of what works, what doesn’t work and how to execute it.

You see once you have your MARKETING system in place; it runs virtually on auto-pilot. You simply gather these highly targeted, pre-qualified exclusive leads and recruit people into your business. In fact, MyMarketingClub.com shows you how to speak to 10 or 15 people at one time. This saves you a ton of time and postures you as the leader and expert.

Are you starting to get the real deal picture? Get the entire down and dirty truth about Lead Generation and Network Marketing by downloading an 18 page Free report at MyMarketingClub.com


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