Well Known Internet Marketing Guru Screws Up

If you haven’t read my lead generation reports at MyMarketingClub.com you just may want to make this happen now. You see in the report I have clearly written about my position with regards to how Internet Marketing Guru’s continue to BS the average online business person.

 Let me explain…

 You will rarely, if ever find a self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Guru give you an actual step-by-step plan to get immediate results – you will have to buy everything from their cheap e-book all the way to their over priced coaching program or seminar.

And the irony of all this – you will go through all their information and still have NOTHING IMPLEMENTED.

I go on to explain that they never really provide REALLY what they’re doing – they just continue to sell their info products for rediculous amounts of money providing no real service or support.

 With all that said, I received an email yesterday from one of these self-proclaimed guru’s and the funny thing is, he came right out and said what I’ve been saying for a year.

But understand, he was saying it to manipulate those who received the email to buy the next best program. I’m going to post the meat of the email below – I will leave out his last name, because my intentions are not to start a big hoopla about the whole thing – but to simply show you that what my free reports say is FACT.


RE: Urgent! This will only be available Today (Tuesday, March 20th, EST)…Hi Alan,There’s a saying in NASCAR that says the winners work from different tool boxes. What that means is that if the teams that are in the rear of the race had the tools and resources that the winners had, they would go from last to first.

Have you every felt that some of the experts earning large amounts online must have access to secret weapons and tools that you don’t?

Here’s the blunt truth…

Many of us do work from different tool boxes than you and in turn gain advantages which equal larger results.

That tool box consists of software, home study courses, hidden resources, masterminds & more.

AND every once in a while, one of those tools becomes available to you.


Now the email goes onto pitch us on the next latest and greatest info product that we only have one day to get “must have” bonuses – the product is touted as being a “secret weapon” and if we don’t get it we will miss out – all of the marketing strategies that are effective – but as I write in the free lead generation reports – these strategies work great for the internet marketing guru but not for the purchaser.

My suggestion to anyone who is receiving these high pressure solicitations to read them – learn from the marketing end of it… then… walk away from it, and read it again later – in other words keep your emotions out of your decision making with these “guru’s” – they are really great at creating urgency, emotions and the need to buy – your defense is to don’t act on your emotions and don’t fall for the urgency.


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